Silent steps on weak legs down dark creaking halls, try not to fall. Bruises swell under shirts, purple under black. Patch yourself up, child, bit by bit, and smile with blunt teeth. Secret cigarettes, empty eyes, across the room breaking plates fly. Make your way down in front of the king-sized bed’s room, stop breathing dead until you’re three feet past and through. Listen to everything that’s wrong with everything you are and do, and keep in mind that they love you.

Stitch up your mouth, sew it tight, bite off your tongue so it never comes to light. Swallow it whole, let it grow. Poison apple, poison tree, cut off a branch to make yourself free. Dress yourself in the mirror, don’t you look lovely dear, and don’t you cry ‘cause your make-up will ruin your tears. Show your bruises, show your cuts and scars, open up your chest to show your breaking heart. Keep up the lies so you won’t die. Never mind, leave all your blood behind, because they love you.